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New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt. If you plan on having a scavenger hunt, do so early in the evening before guests have eaten or consumed any alcoholic beverages. Alternatively, hide some items around the house. Consider items associated with New Year’s, such as: a Happy New Year napkin, balloon, or coaster. a New Year’s party hat. Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve Party or just volunteered to help plan one, you’re probably on the lookout for fun games to play and maybe even a riddle or two. Am I right? Great! Take a couple of minutes to check out the following information. There’s a good chance you’ll find at least one or two suggestions suitable for this festive end-of-the-year occasion.

New Year’s Eve Dessert Party – Coordinate with Dining Services to provide an array of classic desserts for residents to taste test during a dessert party after dinner on New Year’s Eve. Add a bit of shimmer to the activity by hanging a shimmering chandelier as the . Oct 16,  · Add a new year’s eve countdown to your family time. Set up an at-home photo booth. No matter what our age, we all love dressing up. Grab hats, .

Dec 13, - Have fun with your girls with a fun New Year's Eve party at a meeting or plan a event specifically to party and celebrate the new year. Here some great New Year's activities, games and food ideas from all over the web. These ideas are great for a variety of groups such as Girl Scouts, Frontier Girls, Quest Clubs, or any other organization inspiring girls to be leaders of tomorrow pins. Dec 21,  · New Years Eve Party Ideas for the Family. New Years Eve Party ideas abound but THIS YEAR, to mark the close of , we needed something special. We’re limited on the guest list and home is the new venue, so let’s create a family friendly party you can pull off in your living room!