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Jan 07,  · Pokémon lemons! Smut stories featuring characters from the Pokémon universe, such as Ash Ketchum, Misty. May, Dawn, Brock, Gary and much more. Pokémon Lemons Chapther 1 Caught (BrockXMay) Ages. May Brock Brock was currently in the woods masturbating about the big bobbed brunette that was traveling with. He had fallen for May, She was so beautiful, Her big boobs, her perfect figure, her big butt, he loved everything about May "May" He moaned "Brock?".

A new vaccine has been made by the Pokemon Professors which trainers can now mate with their pokemon. This book will feature my OC Rose as she takes this vaccine and mates with her pokemon each chapter. WARNING: THIS CONTAINS LEMONS IN THE NEXT CHAPTERS! You have been warned. Sep 03,  · Pokemon x Reader lemons Fanfiction. I honestly couldn't find any good ones but eh. I'll do Pokemon lemons. and maybe another fandom later on. #leon #pikachu #pokemon #pokemonlemons #pokemonlove #pokemonsmut #pokemonxreader #raihanReviews:

Oct 24,  · Fanfiction (Y,N) goes on a Pokémon Adventure I don't own Pokémon Nintendo owns Pokémon #harem #malereader #pokemon #wattys Sleeping with your rival's sister and your friend's Mother (lemon) K WARNING WARNING LEMON ALERT LEMON ALERT NOT SAFE FOR KIDS NOT SAFE FOR wifexx.xyzs: Things are finally looking up for Red and Leaf, Red have finally propose to Leaf after so many years of being boyfriends and girlfriends. However all good things come to end when a long forgotten enemy tries to break them, literally. Rated M for Violence, Lemon, and Cursing. (BurningLeafshipping / Luckyshipping) Sequel to Broken.

Welcome all to Pokemon Brothel Collection! With any non-legendary pokemon of any gender, any gender (male, female, hermaphrodite, futa, or cunt boy), any fetish (the kinkier the better!), any pairing (humanXhuman, humanXpokemon, pokemonXpokemon,or any variation there upon), and any sexual orientation (straight, gay, bisexual, or transsexua), we hope to provide you with . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.