Duct taped and sealed in a box - adult harp seal


adult harp seal - Duct taped and sealed in a box

Male harp seals typically weigh kg ( pounds), females weigh kg ( pounds), and the largest adults may reach kg ( pounds). The face of an adult harp seal is completely black, while the gray coloration of its body is accented by a . The Harp seal is a sea mammal of the fin-footed animal group and the Phocidae family (true seals with no external ears). The adult male has an irregular horseshoe-shaped black band across its back. This ‘harp’ joins across the shoulders and curves toward the abdomen, then goes back up toward the hind flippers, where it disappears.

Mar 10,  · Harp seals are sometimes called saddleback seals because of the dark, saddlelike marking on the back and sides of their light yellow or gray bodies. Both sexes return each year to breeding grounds. Male Harp Seals are only slightly larger than females, the average length (from the nose to the tip of the tail) of adult males is centimetres and of adult females centimetres. Weight ranges from 85 to 18 kilograms depending on time of year. Harp Seal Habitat and Diet.

Harp seals are sexually dimorphic in size and pelage. Male harp seals weigh an average of kg and are to cm long. Females weight an average of kg and are to cm long. Adult harp seals have fairly small hind flippers and the fore flippers are pointed with short digit tips that boast large claws. Adult Appearance When harp seals are more mature, they don’t have any fur, but instead a greyish black, sleek body that looks like skin but is actually hair. Most of the main features are the same, like the eyes, nose and muzzle, flippers, tail and whiskers. Mainly the only change that the harp seal goes through is the moulting of their fur.

Adult seals gather together underwater during the night and “chat”. They do this by whistling, grunting, using knocks, beeps and bird like chirping. The way a mother seal will recognise her pup amongst the thousands of other harp seals is by way of smelling it’s breath. Nov 14,  · The Harp seal that is recovering at the Sealcentre in Pieterburen is doing much better. So much better that she can be moved to our biggest pool. But moving.