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Healthy Spirit Disposable Washcloths Count - Adult Wipes Extra Large, Adult Wipes for Incontinence & Cleansing, 8"x12", Count, White Medline-MSC FitRight Aloe Personal Cleansing Cloth Wipes, Unscented, 8 x 12 inch Adult Large Incontinence Wipes, count, pack of /5(). Incontinence Wipes / Perineal Wipes for Adults Choose from our huge selection of incontinence wipes for adults on AvaCare Medical! Be it Prevail Adult Wipes, Aloetouch Personal Cleansing Wipes, or any other kind, you can now find the type of perineal wipes that meet your needs best.

Members Mark Adult zRxmH Washcloth Disposable Moist Wipes 12" x 8", Count (2 Pack) Medline - MSC FitRight Aloe Personal Cleansing Cloth Wipes, Scented, 8 x 12 inch Adult Large Incontinence Wipes, 68 count, pack of #1 Best Seller. Prevail Soft Pack Adult Washcloths, 12"x 8" ( Count)/5(K). Wipes & Cloths Incontinence We strive to preserve an individual’s dignity and comfort while providing great protection, as the largest provider of adult incontinence products in the U.S.

Adult wipes are larger than traditional baby wipes so they can cover a larger surface area. Wipes are usually eight to nine inches wide and 10 to 13 inches long. Despite their larger size, it’s generally expected to use more than one wipe at a time, depending on the level of cleaning you want to achieve. Purchasing incontinence products can be a real burden on personal expenses. This guide will help you understand how Medicaid benefits can help you get incontinence supplies. From Medicaid eligibility to your state’s specific requirements, you’ll learn what you need to know to start getting the most from your Medicaid.

Diaper banks collect donations of adult incontinence products and then make sure they are delivered to those most in need in their communities. Diapers banks are a resource for people who cannot afford to purchase needed absorbent incontinence products due . Attends Incontinence and bladder control products, care and education – Protective Underwear, Briefs, pads and underpads. Trusted healthcare solutions for over 35 years.