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Simply sit, unwind and appreciate these astounding jokes. You can likewise send this gathering of jokes to your loved ones. We have best sardar jokes for you. About Fixing Bomb. About Sardar Accident. About Skeleton. About Station. About Parking Fine. About Photocopy. Servant and Sardar. Sardar and Sardarni. Sardar Funny Joke. Sardar Jee and his Wife. Sardar and . A Sardar recently arrived in the US and wanting to earn some money, decides to become a ‘handy-man’ and starts looking for some work in an up-scale neighborhood nearby. He goes to the front door of the nearest house and asks the owner, another Indian, if .

Sardar Jokes. Sardar are often considered to have low intellect and made the butt of jokes. However, it's not that they have low intellect; rather they have a very good sense of humor. Sardars make up that race of people who have guts to laugh at themselves and should be appreciated. In fact, many of the Sardarji jokes, self-deprecatory in. Will and Guy publish our favourite Sardar or Sadar-Ji jokes to entertain. We seek to honour and to publicise Sikh humour, we do not mean to show any disrespect to the Sikh communities throughout the world. Introduction to Sardar Jokes Will and Guy’s Ten Best Sardar Jokes How Can You be Sure Someone is a Funny Sardar Jokes in English Read More».

A sardar was drawing money from ATM, The sardar behind him in the line said, "Ha! Ha! Haaa! I've seen ur password. Its 4 asterisks(****). The first sardar replies, Ha! Ha! Haaa! U r wrong, Its Punjab Develpomet Once all Sardarji's clubed together and decided to develop Punjab and they wanted the Punjab as a Developed State. Sardar Jokes define humor. Funny Sardar Jokes shows great sense of humor of Sardar Jis. Best Sardar Jokes acknowledges Sardarjis are the the coolest people, with full respect.

sardars to get together for a mass sardar lunch. He starts explaining with the same example. He says," there are 4 members in my family, my son, my daughter, and my wife, guess who is the fourth one?". All sardars shouted, "We don't know". . Latest Sardar Jokes. Collection of funny Sardar Jokes in Hindi and English, WhatsApp Jokes, Celebrity jokes, Husband Wife Jokes, Boyfriend Girlfriend Jokes and Funny Shayari.