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adult luau party games - Real babes playing party games getting facial

Apr 16,  · Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults. Apr 16, by Health Tips. These Hawaiian luau games will have everyone laughing and having a blast at your luau before you know it. Hawaiian Luau Party Games for a great birthday party idea or theme. Check out the great range of games . Aug 30,  · You've picked out a stunning Hawaiian shirt and set up the tiki torches, and the pork is marinating. You've completed most of the finishing touches for your Hawaiian-themed party, but are concerned that there is no entertainment. Not to worry--there are a range of games suitable for adults that fit your luau theme.

Mar 29, - Explore Kimberly Sheffield Hogue's board "Luau Party Ideas For Adults" on Pinterest. See more ideas about luau party, luau, party pins. More Game Ideas. Other fun Hawaiian luau party games include the following:Stack the Leis - Have party guests pair up with a partner. Create two lines of players, with partners facing each other about 20 feet away. Place a box of 30 to 40 leis behind one line of Susie Mcgee.

The object of the game is to pass the coconut from person to person without using your hands or arms. The team that gets their coconut to the end first wins! Remember, if you drop it, you can’t use your hands to pick it up. Coconut Kiss. This is a luau party game that can have as many participates as desired and a game for all ages. What Do You Do At A Luau Party? There are SO many fun things that you can do at a Luau party. There are lots of fun luau party games including; Tiki Torch Ring Toss – Place Tiki torches in the ground and have the kids throw rings over the torches. Flip Flop Toss – Place hula hoops on the ground.