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The Pointer is instantly recognizable. From long head to finely pointed tail, his entire body suggests his purpose: to point game for the hunter. When . The Pointer should do well on a high-quality dog food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval. Any diet should be appropriate to the Temperament: Loyal, Hardworking, Even-Tempered.

Pointer Temperament and Personality The Pointer looks like an aristocrat, and he is, but he’s also fun-loving and mischievous from the get-go. And although he constantly has birds on the brain, he also loves spending time with his family, adults and children alike. In fact, he’s certain that he is the heart of the family, and maybe he is. May 11,  · Pointers: pounds: pounds: Pointers (German Shorthaired) pounds: pounds: Pointers (German Wirehaired) pounds: pounds: Polish Lowland Sheepdogs: pounds:

Oct 08,  · As your puppy matures into an adult, the crate can become a defined sleeping area. Pick a crate size that is large enough for an adult GSP. A 36 x 36 inch (91 x 91 cm) crate would be a good size. Some crates have an adjustable interior so you can increase the amount of space in the crate as a puppy wifexx.xyz: 68K. Adult Pointer (Medium-size Male) Ready for Adoption! © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap This cute pup named "Alcor" is available for adoption via the Operation Paws for Homes (OPH) rescue organization. We believe Alcor is a Pointer mix.