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adult soft drink industry - The Real Black Freaks of the Industry

Oct 31,  · The adult soft drink industry is a booming business to be in right now. More Brits are opting for mineral water, fruit juice and soft drinks in general. Soft drink sales have risen by % in 5 years, with no sign of the rise in demand slowing. Why The Sudden Change? Global Soft Drink Industry Analysis. The soft drink industry spans sparkling drinks, concentrates, juices, bottled water, smoothies, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, and functional drinks. Soft drinks do not usually contain alcohol, though can have up to % alcohol content. They are generally made on a still or carbonated water base with added flavors and 4/5(82).

Adult soft drinks target overs and though they may sound X-rated, their main certification is zero-proof alcohol. These new soft drinks, presented in . Alcoholic beverages market is driven by the increase in global young-adult demographic, coupled with high disposable income and consumer demand for premium/ products. The global alcoholic beverages industry is expected to reach $1, billion by ,with a CAGR of %.

Adult-focused soft drinks are a small but growing market. Although targeting over 18’s with non-alcoholic soft drinks may have seemed an unlikely tactic 10 years ago, the need of an alternative has been more noticeable than ever, for older consumers who don’t feel the need to buy an alcoholic beverage to have a good time. Soft drinks packaging is the number one source of rigid plastic waste across consumer industries, with no forecast reduction over the short-term. In addition to mounting concern over single-use packaging, the industry faces mounting pressure to address long-term issues relating to water security, water scarcity, and fair water rights in many.

Jan 27,  · American Beverage, formerly the American Beverage Association (ABA), Washington, D.C., announced a new look and name that speaks to who the association is — a strong, united, forward-thinking industry driving solutions together on issues of importance to the communities, families and customers we serve, it said in a statement. Soft drinks are, in fact, the second most popular drink category behind water, he says, adding: “So clearly while no and low is a growth category, there is still some work to do to grow its popularity versus more traditional soft drinks. Adult soft drinks ‘one of the UK’s fastest-growing categories’.