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adult soft spots on skull - Wartenberg Wheel On Her Soft Spots

WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common symptom combinations and medical conditions related to sunken soft spot on top of head. Click on the combination that matches your symptoms . Sep 19,  · Dents in your skull can be caused by trauma, cancer, bone diseases, and other conditions. If you notice a change in your skull shape, you .

Answer As you indicate, the so-called 'soft spot' on the head is more typically associated with newborn infants and not adults! In your case, we can say with certainty that whatever you are feeling is not the result of your skull bones having yet to fuse (what gives babies that soft spot). Soft spots in adults can appear on side and their function is to support the skull in avoiding injuries.

That occasional tender spot on your head can have different causes other than trauma or injury. “It’s happened to most of us,” begins Marc I. Leavey, MD, a primary care physician with plus years of experience. “You are brushing your hair or having a shampoo or rest your head back on a chair, and that spot . You don't: The soft spot or spots (front & back) represent areas where the edges of the skull bones are separated by more than a few millimeters. They can be as.

In most cases, a skull fracture causes a bruise (contusion) on the surface of the brain under the fracture. Epidural hematoma — This is a very serious form of bleeding that happens when one of the blood vessels under the skull is torn during an injury. Usually the skull is fractured as well. Just because you have a soft spot, and get headaches, does not mean that the soft spot has cause headaches. The skin overlying the skull can be indented to give the impression of a soft spot although the bones themselves may remain strong.