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Sonic is a depressed man; his family hate him, he has no job, he's been bullied and the love of his life rejected him. But one day, an angel fell from the sky is here to. Aug 17,  · A Sonic the Hedgehog TG solely focused on Sonic himself. This is an interactive story containing 1, chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story.

Find the hottest sonicx stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about sonicx on Wattpad. Sonic ran so fast to the bus and he got on the bus after Tails. "Just in time," said Sonic, huffing and puffing like he was doing the Cupid Shuffle for the first time. Sonic sat down next to Tails, and Knuckles sat behind them, taking up both seats. "I'm so bad," said Knuckles, laughing because he .

Sonic didn't seem to be anywhere in sight, at least, Tails didn't SEE him anywhere. He began to go upstairs to look for him, not aware of what he would be in for when he found him. Tails turned tail and began to walk down the hall when he saw the heel of Sonic's shoe peeking Out from the bathroom. Follow/Fav Tails' Treatment: A Sonic Boom Story. By: Whiskers Mooncat. Tails is left feeling kinda down, after Sonic and Knuckles tease him about never having kissed a girl. So Amy decides to help him out with his little problem, while also inviting Sticks over to assist her. Little does Tails know, that the duo plan to teach him about more.

Jan 26,  · After stopping Eggman from taking over the world, The Freedom Fighters disbanded, with Sonic and Tails heading back home over on Emerald Coast. As Sonic and Tails, hang out together Sonic starts to grow feeling for the two-tailed fox, as . Jun 29,  · Sonic XX, or Sonic XX: The Dress-Up-and-Down! or The only Rule 63 Sonic game where Tails gets to keep his dick is finally here! First of all, you may find it odd that the game doesn't have much of a music It actually has only one and it's on the intro.