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All spanking is going to cause noise. By ‘Spanking” I include any method which includes causing impact on the buttocks by any means. The quietest methods I have come across are a short cane of about 22–24″ length and about 6–8mm diameter made of delrin or nylon. Mar 12,  · Gloved spankings don't sting as much, so you don't get the "full effect" of a good spanking from your spouse, although using gloves are much quieter than bare hands. I .

Taking the Noise Out of Spanking by Matt Anglen From time to time we're asked about how spanking can be done more quietly, so that neighbors, kids, or visiting parents aren't perfectly aware of your activities. With a huge variety of toys at my disposal and numerous opportunities to experiment, I've come up with a few suggestions. Oct 21,  · We've enjoyed spanking but are afraid it can be overheard. Other activities we include are hair pulling, nipple twisting, and withholding orgasm all of which are much quieter than spanking (which is surprisingly loud even if it's not that hard). What are other quiet options for punishment?

Nov 25,  · Tagged adult spanking, domestic discipline, self spanking, self spanking tips, spanking machines. 8 comments. Share this post. I found this image containing tips for self spankers and thought I would share. I know there are times when self spanking is the only option, but my tip for self spankers is this: contact me. I will spank you. He finally swatted my butt and took me upstairs telling me he was spanking me. I have no idea why but I went quietly. I went over his lap and was spanked on my bare bottom very soundly! I actually realized how wrong I'd been acting, the spanking woke me up and I began acting better. Years later he said I needed a spanking in jest, I said okay.

Jul 24,  · Now as an adult, the belt is one of the most used implements. Ours is a doubled strip of 2 inch wide leather quite thick and attached to a wood handle. Cheeks and thighs get it long and hard until they are crimson red and I am shedding tears. The method of pausing for a bit then spanking for a second offense has also been used here. Apr 18,  · If you find reading about a young woman in her 20's getting a spanking offensive, please leave this page. To the rest of you, happy reading! I thought I would try my hand at writing spanking fiction ~ Nora Two years had gone by and Crystal was enjoying her life as a year-old, college.