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Trailmate's Fun Cycle is a recumbent adult tricycle that is fun to ride and made with a solid construction that lasts. A pivoting seat makes it easier to get into. The frame is made from heavy-duty steel, and the seat is a fun yellow weather-resistant nylon.5/5(2). Adults and teens act like kids again when they experience the excitement that comes with the Fun Cycle. You steer this sleek, low recumbent with your body, while your legs get a great fitness workout - but you'll never notice because you're having so much fun.

Trailmate Tricycles have been a tradition for over forty years. Our Adult Tricycles, Industrial Trikes, Tricycles for Special Needs and the awesome Fun Cycle Trike Series set the standard for Tricycles. Campgrounds and Resorts find great success with our Fun Cycle Trikes. Feb 21,  · The Komodo Adult Cycle is another great tricycle you can get for yourself or any other adult. It comes with sturdy construction and the use of trustworthy materials which come together to deliver a durable unit for riders of all ages.

An adult tricycle is a three-wheeled cycle that can be powered by foot pedals or hand-crank pedaling for those who cannot use their legs, and is popular with baby-boomers and seniors, as well as people with balance problems or handicaps. Whether you simply never learned to ride a two wheeler, or don't have the balance to do so, an adult tricycle maybe the ideal solution. Enjoy the benefits of exercise, fresh air, independence, mobility and fun! Worksman Adult Tricycles come in various designs, with a wide range of options.

Jan 17,  · Riding an adult tricycle can be one of the most fun activities for people who love biking, but can no longer handle a traditional bicycle because of joint and muscle issues. At the same time, tricycles can make great commuter bicycles because of their ability to carry tons of groceries and work supplies without losing their balance. Recreational bikes and adult trikes inspired by our passion for the outdoors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the simple pleasure of riding bikes.