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Sign up for a free account to play games, care for your pets, make friends and decorate your rooms! I just know i’m not the only adult who loves to play LOL ^-^ Diane says: September 15, at am. I play webkinz and I’m very attached to my kinz! I love decorating, collecting rares and the seasonal festivals! Solitaire on webkinznewz is a great stress relief after work while dinner is cooking too. Although I must say, I’m great at.

Did you know that every adult Webkinz comes with three Sparks? That means, when your baby grows into a full adult, you'll have three new sparks to . Apr 18,  · Collecting the little stuffed animals called Webkinz has become a favorite hobby of some people. Each Webkinz comes with a virtual special item and food for online game play with the animal. Like most collectible items, there are some Webkinz that are harder to find than others, and so often they fetch a higher price.

Adult Webkinz players I made my Webkinz account back when I was 9 years old, and have played ever since. I mainly log in to play the arcade games (Tile Towers and Cash Cow 2 is where it’s at) Recently my family has been making me feel like a loser for still playing, saying it’s weird (I’m 22 lol) so I came to Reddit to see if I was the.