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Jun 27,  · The Transportation Security Administration defended on Sunday the actions of its airport security officers at a northwest Florida airport . Aug 31,  · Elderly woman in wheelchair refuses to let airport security look inside her adult diaper at LAX, faces $13, fine Nancy Furlong said that she was subjected to a humiliating ordeal by the Transport Security Administration workers at Los Angeles International Airport when she and her son arrived to board a flight in JulyAuthor: Pritha Paul.

Aug 30,  · A 78 year-old woman faces being fined over $13, for refusing to let airport security officials search her adult diaper. Nancy Furlong was shocked and humiliated when Transport Security Author: Jimmy Mccloskey. After waiting a couple of minutes a 3rd TSA officer (a female) came in and asked me if I had any liquids in my pants. By now I was getting quite annoyed and I replied that I was wearing a diaper and that I had pid in it while waiting in their ***** line. She said that I would need to “change out of it” to “clear the issue”.

Feb 11,  · TSA agents 'humiliate cancer victim wearing adult diaper' at security checkpoint A woman has written a blog post about her husband's humiliation at the hands of TSA agents The woman says her. May 11,  · Specific Questions About Diapers & Airport Security. Thread starter Usagi; Start i will suggest that you not put powder or lotion in your carry ons as i found out it will trigger a physical search of the bag right there. never seen an adult wearing a diaper!? The first time I was screened, I told the staff that I was wearing a diaper.

Jun 27,  · The pat-down came, and the tears followed. Jean Weber of Destin, Florida filed a complaint with federal authorities last week alleging that security officials forced her year-old mother to remove her adult diaper as part of a security pat-down at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport. Jun 27,  · Navigating an airport with them, on the other hand, is not. Your biggest problem is the security checkpoint. If you’re shy about wearing diapers, this is going to be hell, because it’s very challenging to get through modern TSA security in a diaper without it being noticed, mentioned out loud, and quite probably groped by blue-gloved hands.