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an adult learner - Geography teacher fucks with the learners

Mar 29,  · Adult learners are usually returning to school after putting in at least a few years at work. They have had a chance to cement their self-identities, they are firm in their likes and dislikes and many of them have begun to start families. Adult Learners One-third of all students in higher education are adult learners. These students may have stopped their education for a variety of life circumstances including job and family responsibilities and military commitments.

According to Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the field of adult education, the following two criteria distinguish an adult from a child: He/she is an individual who performs one or more “adult” roles, as has been deemed by society. These roles include that of an employee, spouse, parent, a citizen who is aware of his rights and duties. Adult learners tend to be driven, motivated and workplace-savvy—and many of them are cost-conscious enough to reduce their education debt considerably, or have full-time employers who can help them with tuition. Whenever you decide to get your education, going back to school is the right choice—for your career and your family.

Strengths of All Adult Learners -All adult learners possess unique strengths including: passion, self-confidence, perseverance, physical health, and a good plan. -The four "P"s are Power, Passion, Perseverance, and Personal Attributes. ________ is essential; belief in yourself and your ability to be successful is inherent to success. Jun 11,  · Another typical adult learner characteristic is that, unlike kids, adult learners need to have an intrinsic motivation to learn. To properly motivate adult learners, you need to make the learning outcomes clear.