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Mar 28,  · Older Adults Aging in Place Many older adults prefer to remain in familiar surroundings rather than moving to a senior facility or retirement community. In order to age in place safely, assistive technology devices compensate for limitations, maintain independence, and improve quality of life. Devices are available to meet a variety of Candy Arrington. Health professionals use a variety of names to describe assistive devices: Assistive listening devices (ALDs) help amplify the sounds you want to hear, especially where there’s a lot of background noise. ALDs can be used with a hearing aid or cochlear implant to help a wearer hear certain sounds wifexx.xyzted Reading Time: 9 mins.

The State Grant for Assistive Technology Program supports state efforts to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive, statewide programs that are consumer-responsive. The State Grant for Assistive Technology Program makes assistive technology devices and services more available and accessible to individuals with disabilities . Feb 14,  · Assistive technology removes many of the limitations that affect people who are learning disabled, dyslexic, vision or hearing impaired and give everyone better access to their environment. Assistive Technology Industry Association annual conference (ATIA) life-changing assistive technology tools were wifexx.xyzted Reading Time: 7 mins.