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The study not only confirms the importance of openness to aesthetic and imaginative experience as a predictor of creative potential in adolescents . Among the creative achievement types, music is predicted the best by IQ and all others are predicted best by DT tests.

Feb 01,  · Greater creativity was broadly predicted by features of the inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) and inferior parietal lobe (IPL), including both local grey matter and white matter predictors in the IFG, the superior longitudinal fasciculus that Cited by: 6. Sep 17,  · The correlation coefficients found between childhood TTCT scores and real-world adult creative achievements have ranged from a low of about to a high of about, depending on which tests are.

Young Adult Predictors and Midlife Outcomes of Male Fine Art Careers. Joanne Hoven Stohs, Intrinsic motivation and sustained art activity among male fine and applied artists, Creativity Research Journal, /, 5, 3, (), (). Crossref. Factors associated with leisure activity among young adults with developmental disabilities. and the acquisition of adult social roles were significant predictors of leisure activity. This study emphasizes the importance of improving daily activities, increasing attendance of postsecondary school and opportunities for competitive employment.

Developing creativity through play The basic components of the creative process are involved in play. It generates new experimentation, possibilities, and exploration of unlimited fantasy and reality. For the development of a healthy personality, play is crucial. Evidence on cigarette smoking among U.S. adults reveals that _____. a. it has declined most among women who did not finish high school b. it is less addictive than marijuana use c. college students view it as safer than marijuana use d. the majority of young adult regular smokers will suffer from at least one serious illness.