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Older patients, in general, have a greater susceptibility to hematologic toxicity, so aggressive support with growth factors is indicated.[] Older patients who experience relapse have a particularly poor prognosis, and they often may not be able to easily tolerate high-dose chemotherapy followed by autologous stem cell transplant. If you are an older adult, chemotherapy might affect you differently than someone younger. For example, older adults have a greater risk of physical side effects from chemotherapy, which can affect your quality of life. Side effects of chemotherapy Unlike radiation therapy and surgery, chemotherapy affects your whole wifexx.xyzted Reading Time: 6 mins.

Older persons appear to be more susceptible to this side effect, and aggressive and effective management of these and other side effects is crucial in senior adults. Pharmacokinetic Parameters That Might Change with Ageing and Might Influence Efficacy/Toxicity of Chemotherapy. Feb 03,  · Other studies have previously shown that healthy older adults do reasonably well on chemotherapy, but this study includes patients with a wider range of health conditions. The results counter a Author: Jim Kling.

Jan 27,  · Chemotherapy for the Elderly The use of medications or drugs to treat disease. Most often referred to as the medications used to destroy cancer cells.