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Dental plaque accumulation and inadequate personal oral hygiene (OH) are known major risk factors of periodontitis. Nevertheless, the magnitude of their Cited by: Chronic Periodontitis And Its Effects On The Adults And Adults Essay Words | 8 Pages (Merin, ) This periodontal disease of inflammatory origin is thought to be the result of host immune response against bacterial colonies in the subgingival plaque.(Merin, ) In many cases, systemic and environmental factors play a significant role in the disease progression.

Oral hygiene was again stressed with the patient as she was planned for a L-RPD; which itself may cause plaque accumulation. The patient’s diagnosis after the extraction of all hopeless teeth was generalized moderate chronic periodontitis. Due to inadequate width of keratinized gingiva on the facial aspect of teeth 33, 34, 35 and Chronic periodontitis progresses at an annual rate of about to mm, but rates are very difficult to estimate. There are many factors that influence how rapidly the periodontium is destroyed.1 In chronic periodontitis, there is no well-defined pattern of bone loss. In generalized aggressive periodontitis, most permanent teeth are affected.

Roger C Andersen, Photodynamic Disinfection in the Treatment of Chronic Adult Periodontitis: A Multicenter Clinical Trial, Journal of Dental Health, Oral Disorders & Therapy, /jdhodt, 8, 4, ().Cited by: Background and overview: Generalized refractory chronic periodontitis is a periodontal condition that is resistant to conventional therapy. Management of this condition often is frustrating to both the patient and the clinician. Case descriptions: The authors present 4 cases of generalized refractory chronic periodontitis characterized by an inflammatory gingival .

May 16,  · In this case study Mr Antony Visocchi, Dental Surgeon, discusses a case of chronic periodontitis, a common disease and the cause of many claims involving dentists. In this associated article he explores the condition and the circumstances that can lead to cases of clinical negligence arising. Mr K, a gentleman in his mid-fifties, regularly attended the dentist at . Generalized aggressive periodontitis results in rapid destruction of the periodontium and can lead to early tooth loss in the affected individuals if not diagnosed early and treated appropriately. The diagnostic features of the disease are characteristic, but the clinical presentation and patterns of destructions may vary between patients. Successful management of the disease is .