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Jul 09,  · So you thought you did everything right, only to wind up in a heap of panic on your bed, staring down the barrel of a broken condom. It happens — Author: Teresa Newsome. Mar 07,  · Rather, they are caused by an allergy. But Latex Condoms May Trigger Allergies. Health authorities across the board have concluded that male condoms and female condoms have no side effects at all, aside from allergic reactions in some individuals. 1 2 Female condoms, in fact, have a lower chance of causing an allergy than male condoms. 3.

Mar 15,  · Risk to partner’s health: Two doctors from Dallas, Texas claim that the male condom can cause cancer in the woman. The culprit, they claim, is talc, a dry lubricant used on the surface of condoms. Aug 20,  · Context: Husband and I intend to start trying for a baby in a couple of months. Till then, I've gone off hormonal birth control and we're using condoms. Both of us were sexually inactive before marrying and so we're new to condoms. While I was on HBC, we just didn't bother with condoms. Problem: Condoms were fine to use for the last month, but recently they've been a bit sore for me. .

Feb 27,  · Condoms can't prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease if they're used incorrectly. Unfortunately, a new review of research finds that condom use errors are all . May 25,  · Never use lambskin condoms. Only use condoms that are marked as approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Store the condom at the right temperature. Condoms should not be stored at temperatures over F or less than 32 F. Condoms should also be kept out of direct sunlight. Never store condoms in your glove compartment.

Jul 27,  · 5 Condom Mistakes You Don't Want to Make. Are you using condoms that are too big, too tight – or past their expiration date? Don't let these common contraception missteps cause a . Mar 31,  · Instead, sex with a condom can feel drier because the surface is fundamentally different to that of a penis, and causes more friction and possible "dry" feelings for both sex organs. It's not.