There is a many ways how to use a condom - video - selling my used condoms


selling my used condoms - There is a many ways how to use a condom - video

USED CONDOMS Oh no! Looks like you missed out on this item. Not to worry, we have lots more Naughty Extras available. View All Naughty Extras. Start selling now! Create your shop and start selling! Create your own shop. 0% commission - keep all of your profits. Sell to international buyers. As others have stated, condoms are not age restricted items so it should be as simple as laying the package (package of condoms, that is) on the counter and paying for them. In the unlikely event that the cashier refuses the sale due to .

For example, many people are embarrassed to buy a condoms from a store where the clerk rings up the item. However, buying condoms from a vending machine is much more discreet. The same applies with buying and selling used underwear. In order to sell used underwear in a Burusera store, the seller needs to be 18 or older. Selling condoms full of my huge loads As many loads as you want Can also send after sex ;) ;) Picture shows 2 loads! Email me for more info:; [email protected] Custom Values. Country: United Kingdom. City: London Price: £10 Ad photos.

September 25th, at PM A police operation has uncovered a used condom repackaging operation that was selling hundreds of thousands of used condoms per month as “new.” The condoms were. Find a guy like me that has a used condom fetish. I know it sound disgusting to most and me reading that back to myself sounds awful especially since I am viewed and live my life as very straight man and would be the last guy you would think would.

Oct 18,  · A used condom is just that, it's used, it's old, it's done. Wrap it up and throw it away. Got babies at home, throw your used condom in the Diaper Genie! I know people with kids know what a diaper genie is. It's that thing you throw old diapers in so they don't smell up the house. If you have a diaper genie, use it for your used condoms too! Claim: A photograph shows Trojan&#;s latest product: pre-owned