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A Search By Any Other Name May Not Be As Discreet. Upon typing the oh-so-risqué words of adult hotel or under 18 not allowed, I blush and then teasingly peek through my hands covering my eyes. I’m not surprised to find my browser swimming in words like temptation, naughty, erotic, sensuous, naked, couples, swingers, desire – oh well you get the idea. In states that require breaks for adult workers, the rules for minors are sometimes stricter. For example, Delaware requires employers to provide a minute meal break to employees who work at least seven and a half hours; minors are entitled to a .

Our range of adult holidays include adults-only hotels designed with relaxation in mind. Child-free and tailored to couples, these are breaks you can enjoy your own way. Short flight times and year-round deals mean you can jet off on a last-minute escape or . Employer must keep complete and accurate records of the break periods. Kentucky. Reasonable off-duty period, ordinarily ½ hour but shorter period permitted under special conditions, between 3rd and 5th hour of work. Not counted as time worked. Coffee breaks and snack time not to be included in meal period. Statute and regulation.

Book a live music weekend at one of our three seaside locations and enjoy a brilliant adult only break packed with live music and activities. Weekends Dates Resorts Offers News Family breaks Help & Contact Before you go Make a payment My Account. Find your ideal short-stay UK break at one of our luxury adult-only hotels and save yourself up to half price on 's of rooms. Book online today!

Jan 01,  · Different rest breaks permitted if pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement. Nevada 3. Paid minute rest period for each 4 hours worked or major fraction thereof; as practicable, in middle of each work period. Not required for employees whose total daily work time is less than 3 and ½ hours. Statute. Dec 23,  · But for adults who have chosen to be estranged from their parents, this COVID holiday season is a relief — making them feel less like outliers, and erasing any residual pressure to reconnect. “It’s so much less stressful not worrying about seeing her,” said year-old Melissa, speaking about her mom.