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Half finds himself drawn even closer to Maelstrom. Half finds decompression from an unexpected source. Dave and Natalie have a strange conversation. Thin walls create close, unexpected connections. Adult Mowgli (Jungle Book) finds himself unexpectedly tamed. and other exciting erotic stories at! She transformed him using hypnosis in only a few weeks time. She tricked him into watching the first video that planted a subliminal message to obey all her commands. femdom – forced bi – forced cocksucking – gloryhole – group sex – hypnosis – Great story I truly enjoyed it. I sucked my first cock on my 21st birthday at an.

The dating app people are going out of their minds for. A hypnotized woman approaches a joyous revelation. Betsy shows off Madame Sasha's training on the neighbors. Accidental master + insatiable slave = total campus conquest. and other exciting erotic stories at! Oct 30,  · being a femdom slave. The Second Part of The Show. Instantaneously, I was in this hypnotic state where I heard people talking around me but I couldn’t understand what they said. I was fine, I felt the presence of the hypnotist’s assistant and I heard her voice continue to accompany me and give me the same orders she gave everyone else.