Nobodys ever made my ass feel like that! - Angel Smalls - feel like to get fisted


feel like to get fisted - Nobodys ever made my ass feel like that! - Angel Smalls

The best thing about getting fisted is the emotional connection it can bring on (though not always). I can get off with two adept fingers (or a less adept penis, or an even less adept strap-on) for sure, but there’s something special about being spread-eagle on a bed and letting another person insert a rather large portion of their body in me. Did it feel good? (Or conversely, did it hurt?) Woman A: Getting there hurt. Neither I nor my partner had fisted before (that I know of, for him) and there were some very painful false starts.

What might feel like a barely-there sliver of fingernail to you will feel sharp when your hand is inside your playmate. Fingernails can hurt — and even tear and injure — the delicate skin of the. “At first, it feels just like fullness, like a sensual stretching,” explains Tanya C., 33, adding that fisting is her favorite way to get off while bottoming. “But as my body opens up and my.

Some people like to fist with gloves, some don’t. They can help increase smoothness around the fingernail but should never be a substitute for well-trimmed and smoothly filed nails. For some, gloves can heighten the erotic thrill, for others they can reduce the feeling of intimacy. What is it like to get fisted? My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now and he fingers me all the time. I got up to 4 fingers and it was tough - pretty tight. Just last night he got in up to his knuckles and he could've gone farther but I was scared to let him. Can anyone tell me what it feels like? I'm.

As time passes, your body will naturally loosen and what not and if you continue the fisting frequently in your later years, it could speed up the process . Many, many guys like anal play — and not all of them are gay or bi. All asses feel the same, regardless of your sexual orientation, which means they can all receive the same pleasure.